How to create your own nameservers

How to create your own nameservers

Posted 21st April 2016 by Lee

We are often asked by our Reseller Hosting customers how they can create their own nameservers for their customers to use rather than using our branded NS records, the good news is this is actually a very simple process and will only take a few minutes to setup.

What are nameservers?

Nameservers play a huge role on the internet – giving answers in response to queries about names in a zone. NS records connect IP addresses to domain names and domain names to IP addresses. So rather than typing in an IP address to access the correct server/website address, you would access it via yourdomain.tld instead. You can read more about NS here.

How do I create my own?

First, you will need to login to your cPanel account and create 2 A records as follows:

ns1.yourdomain.tld-> xx.xx.xx.xx (replace this with the server IP address)
ns2.yourdomain.tld-> xx.xx.xx.xx (replace this with the server IP address)

Once you have done this, you just need to set the child DNS records, sometimes also called glue records (depending on the registrar). You generally go to your domain registrar, eg: if your domain is registered with us, raise a support ticket and we will do it for you, ask them to set the child DNS/glue records as above (with the ns1/ns2 and IP’s).

Once this is done, your NS records should be ready to use within 48 hours (it will take a little time for DNS to update).

Need any assistance? Get in touch with our support team, we’ll be happy to help!


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