Online Radio at zFast

Online Radio at zFast

Posted 14th December 2015 by Lee

Our blog is looking a little unloved at the moment, but that will all be changing over the next 4 weeks as we release our series of posts called “Online Radio: Getting Started”. We are going to cover various sub-topics aimed towards the beginner broadcaster, setting up a small community based radio station using the product offerings from zFast. A community radio is a radio station which is normally ran for non-profit by members of the local community, for the local community. The examples throughout this series can be applied to many radio station formats though, it’s just a good example.

In the series of posts we will be covering various topics such as:

  • Specifications
  • Radio Player(s)
  • Peak Hours
  • Licencing

We hope that our readers will enjoy the posts, so stay tuned as the first one “Online Radio: Specifications” will be available as of Friday directly on our blog or via social media channels. Stay tuned… (see what we did there?).

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